Travelers with disabilities and “less-abilities” can learn so much from talking with each other.  And I have found many wonderful accessible travel bloggers writing about their experiences throughout the world.  When I’m planning a trip, I almost always search for information about accessibility in the places to which I’m traveling. 

In my searches I discovered the wonderful work of Josh Grisdale.  He has created Accessible Japan (, and then the Accessible Travel Forum (  In addition, he also has a podcast, “Have Disability Will Travel” ( ), in which he speaks with fellow disability travelers.

In the most recent segment of our Your Accessible Life Podcast  we speak with Josh Grisdale, about his background and experiences of traveling and creating his websites, forums and podcasts.  He tells us about how these sharing communities can make travel easier for everyone.  (

This same week, Josh has featured an interview with me on his podcast  (—Gloria-Lepik-Corrigan-e4phep/a-ajs151). 

We all see our worlds from slightly different angles, but these two podcasts show how much we have in common and how much we can learn from each other,  After speaking with Josh I started posting on the Accessible Travel Forum and have had good conversations with fellow travelers. 

I hope that our conversations open doors for even more of our fellow travelers to speak with each other, learn about our options and keep expanding the accessibility of travel for everyone!