Your Questions

Your Questions and Challenges

What can we do to help you address questions and challenges that you are facing?

When disabilities happen, it can be hard to know what to do first and where to get the information we need. Even the specialists tasked with helping us may not have the direct experience we need with all of the issues we face. Questions can be general or very specific. Questions such as:

  • “What are my options when I can no longer drive? Should I look at getting a wheelchair van? Are there public transportation options for me? How do I find out what they are?”
  • “Where do I begin with deciding if I can still travel? How do I find out about what options are available?”
  • “Can I still work part time now that I’m on disability?”
  • “Will I still be able to go to the beach? How?”
  • “How do I decide if I should remodel my home or sell and move?”

Many of our questions may have unique twists relative to our individual situations, our own bodies, our own disabilities, our own homes, our own finances, our own communities…and more.

The resource network of Your Accessible Life has faced questions like these and many more. In seeking answers, we have looked to experts, we’ve reviewed published information sources, we’ve spoken with people like ourselves and we’ve lived through it in our own ways and in many cases we’ve devised our own solutions.

Your Accessible Life allows you to ask questions and get some of the practical answers you need.


Ask us your question and we’ll give you a cost estimate.


  • For “Quick Answers” – general guidance requiring less than a one page response – a typical response costs $40. (For example – What are my transportation options? How do I find out more about them in my town?)
  • For larger “Analysis Projects” – (research and analysis of options specific to your question) We provide a proposal estimate. You have the opportunity to expand or contract what we provide relative to your budget. If it appears that more research and analysis is required, we will give you a proposal in 3-5 business days.
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  • Please indicate the general area of support you need
  • Please write your question. I will get back to you with information about a session to determine your needs.