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Welcome to Your Accessible Life. My name is Gloria Lepik-Corrigan. This site was developed based on real world experiences that my family, friends, acquaintances and I have had. I have MS and am now wheelchair dependent. But this site isn’t about one person or one illness or even one type of disability. Those of us in the resources network of Your Accessible Life have experienced a great many different types and levels of disability What we have found is that doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and social workers want to help us based on what they know best. They all play an important role for patients with new or worsening disabilities, but rarely do they have the time and the big picture overview to put the pieces together and really help to create a plan for living well with a disability.

My objective has always been to stay as independently functional as possible despite having a disability.

We offer individual Life Coaching to help you design your own best accessible life with a new disability. And we offer a variety of self-help materials if you want to do the design work yourself.

Sometimes you don’t need a life plan but just have some questions about specific issues or problems. For that we offer a Quick Answers service or the option for a Contract Proposal if you need a more involved analysis along with recommendations.

Plus, Resource Tabs feature success stories, blogs and links that can provide you with the answers you seek!

This website is designed to help you by giving practical tips, advice and links that will allow you to seek out the solutions that work best for you.

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