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 As we face our disabilities, looking for answers can be a bit overwhelming. There are many websites and blogs. It can be hard to find them, read through them and decide which ones to listen to and follow on an on-going basis. There are no perfect answers, websites or blogs. But here at Your Accessible Life, we have created a database to catalog many of them and develop a point of view regarding the service they provide. Our Resource Tabs provide some direction to helpful information sources interesting stories, and discussions about issues that affect the disability community.

Along with our Life Coaching and Questions Answered services, we hope that you will find our blogs and these resource tabs to be valuable tools as you go forward in YOUR accessible life.

Home Modification Ideas, Options & Links

Our comfort at home is critical to how we build a good life with a disability. By making it easier to feed ourselves, sleep, bathe, use a toilet, and go about everyday living, the right accommodations can mean everything.

Finding available options and choosing which ones to buy or implement can be a real balancing act. Many of us in the Your Accessible Life network have worked with professionals, have sought out solutions on our own and have even created our own unique devices. We have read and classified a number of available websites and blogs looking for good solutions. We review these resources as we help coach our clients in creating their accessible life plans. And these resources provide guidance to our Questions Answered services. But you too can see many of the site links and blogs for your own individual research.

We hope that we can be helpful to you as you continue to create your accessible home!

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Work Strategies, Options & Links

Working and earning money can be one of the toughest areas for disabled individuals to negotiate. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides a variety of support options for employers and employees to request and receive “reasonable accommodation to allow for continued employment.

But when full time work is no longer possible, what then? Businesses, insurance companies and the government have very challenging systems and rules regarding what constitutes disability and what makes us unable to work. Are we able to perform the work we are trained to do? Can we do any work at all? Can we be re-trained?

Depending on our age, our disability and a number of other factors, we may find ourselves wanting to do more than just “retire on disability”. But how can we work only when our health allows? How can we avoid jeopardizing the disability benefits we need for all the times when we really can’t work?

In our research, we have found that creative solutions abound. Just as with modifying homes to accommodate new needs created by disability, so can it be with modifying our life’s work. We may be able to adjust our careers or the dimensions of how we live “on disability”.

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Getting Around; Transportation Options & Links

One of the toughest parts of living with a disability is becoming unable to “get around town” easily. The loss of vision, hearing or mobility can make it difficult or impossible to drive a car. How do you go grocery shopping? How do you go to doctor appointments? Depending on where we live our options can be very different and sometimes rather limited.

Fortunately, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has fueled great improvements in how municipalities and their public transportation systems serve the disability community. And in communities where driving ourselves is the only reasonable choice? There are assistive technologies, training programs and financial support to make that possible for many.

Our site features links, sponsor communication and blogs with success stories of how others, like you, found ways to keep getting around town!

We wish you good travels throughout your town!

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Travel Tips, Options & Links

Traveling away from home was, for many years, seen as among the most difficult obstacles for individuals with disabilities. And yet, for so many it could be a critical hurdle to staying connected with family, opportunities and some of the greatest pleasures they had known.

Fortunately, the travel industry has embraced ADA and ADA-like guidelines (grudgingly?) to make disability travel smoother each year. There are quite a few sites and agencies now catering to travelers with disabilities in the US and internationally.

At Your Accessible Life we have had many disability travel experiences, have heard even more stories and have read many blogs and websites featuring that subject. Our website will provide you with ideas and resources to plan your journeys.

We wish you wonderful adventures traveling locally or around the world even with a disability!

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