Yesterday I “marched” for Science and joined in a celebration of Earth Day.  Not just despite my disability, but as much because of it.  Because medical and pharmaceutical research by scientists has stabilized my MS.  Because engineers have developed products to make it easier for me to function better.  Because climate scientists have worked to educate us about our environment the roles we can play in protecting it and our safety.  And much more!

It is human nature to focus on the situations closest to ourselves – “What am I doing for dinner?” “What bills are due this month?” “Why is my back more painful today than usual”…..

And the urgency of our needs can really increase the likelihood that our focus is on immediate personal problems.

But yesterday my focus was more “outward-facing.” And because of this I felt additional gratitude and pride in making a modest difference in my world.

It is easy to sit at home feeling cheated, annoyed and helpless. But reaching outside my comfort zone helps me a great deal in combatting those feelings.

Yesterday I met inspiring people, read some very clever signs & t-shirts, heard wonderful speakers, learned more about my community and acknowledged the science and scientists who work tirelessly to make our lives better.