Practical, Personalized Support

for Living Well with a new Disability, "Less-abilities" or just "Physical Challenges"

Your Life

Personalized Life Coaching

We offer individualized life-coaching sessions catered to your specific needs.

We can also supply you with supportive self-help materials.

Your Questions

Personalized Issue Research

Sometimes you don’t need a Life Plan, but just have some questions about specific issues or problems.

We offer a QUICK ANSWERS service or the option for a CONTRACT PROPOSAL with more involved analysis & recommendations.

Your Resources

Information Sources, Links & Blogs

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This AND That

I recently had a conversation with a family member about “health issues” and we discussed peoples’ (over ?) reliance on doctors and medications for treating everything. And it led me to think honestly about what I have found over 40 years with a serious, progressive,...

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Your. Accessible. Life. Founder

Gloria Lepik-Corrigan

We work with you to sort through the sometimes overwhelming amount of information available, and the tough choices and adjustments you face.

We work with you to help create your own best plans for a life lived well, even with new physical challenges.